Tempted by the Hoax of GB WhatsApp? Here’s Every Detail You Should Know

Exploring different things than usual is fun. And many WhatsApp users these days are staking their smartphone and social account privacy for the unique features they get on mod apps. And this is the reason why GB Whatsapp has gained a lot of popularity in the last few days. If you are intrigued by additional features of the app over the original one, stop right away! Doing so might cost you a ban from WhatsApp and lose your account.

Read more to find out how advanced features of GB WhatsApp can also be a threat to your data…


What is GB WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a popular messaging app for many users. But many third-party developers provide modified versions by adding unique features, and GB WhatsApp is one such. The clone app is gaining a lot of popularity for offering many additional features which enhance the experience for users who want more than offered by WhatsApp LLC. For this reason, the app has no connection to WhatsApp Inc whatsoever.


How Can You Get the App?

GB WhatsApp is not available on the Google play store. It is one among many ‘WhatsApp mods’ available across the internet. Being an unauthorized app its features violates the terms and conditions of the company and doesn’t come from trusted sources.

The app is only available in APK mode and can be downloaded using a browser only.

Note: It is never safe to download APK files as they may contain malware and violates privacy policies that can put your device and its data at greater risk.


What Are The Features Of GB WhatsApp?

The mod apps are all about customizations to each limitation of the original app. All along, here's the list of features that are censurable for WhatsApp upon use: 

Chat Customizations

  • Auto Reply to messages
  • You can change the fonts, double ticks, and chat bubbles
  • Changeable chat themes
  • Customization in contact tabs and even app icons in the app tray
  • The broadcast list can be extended to 600users

Privacy Customizations

  • Conceal delivered message double ticks with grey color
  • Specific contacts read receipts
  • Hide last seen for specific contacts
  • Passcode protection on chats
  • Anti revoke messages
  • Users can show online for 24hrs even if the app is not kept open

Multimedia Customizations

  • Users can send up to 90 images in a go
  • Users can download other’s status with a single tap
  • Users can post a single video status for as long as 7 minutes
  • Videos shareable up to 100MB in size
  • Users can set alerts whenever their contacts change profile pictures



We believe social media should be used to get in touch with people sharing the same attitude rather than getting too much into it. And such customizations in any app are the dark side of fun that can harm the mental and social wellbeing of an individual and his/her relationships.

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Why you must avoid using GB WhatsApp?

  • Downloading apk files from not trusted sources puts your device at risk of getting viruses.
  • As the app is offered by modders, they can access all your details on the device and benefit them in adware or snoopware without your knowledge.
  • If WhatsApp Inc finds such activities, it can lead to a permanent ban on the users.

Not just this, there are many other mod apps like PinkWhatsApp, OG WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus that you must avoid using if privacy matters to you the most.


Well, it is the summary of the information we have collected from multiple users and their experiences. And we do not recommend downloading them for risk exposure. The best option is to use regular WhatsApp as it comes with the limitations which are enforced for privacy reasons & values your activity across the internet.

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