How is it being at Vivo Rajasthan


Vivo Rajasthan is the harbour of innovation to provide dynamic and stylish products for passionate, energetic young people.
Beyond being just a brand, Vivo Rajasthan is the place exposed to constant learning and execution. Here challenges are taken to deliver smartphones that are irreplaceable in performance, photography, gaming and sound quality & make customers happy. To create these experiences, members here learn, develop and drive to put that innovation forward. Vivo also offers accessories and applications which are seamlessly integrated with our range and enhance their use. Vivo’s ultimate goal is to comprehensively satisfy users need.



The Vivo Rajasthan follows a simple mission while moving towards success. The ultimate goal for us being in the industry is to employ the technology, resources & talent towards contribution of a progressive society.
To achieve this, we have set a vision for which we constantly work on:
• For the customers- Provide quality products and superior service and superior service and superior service
• For the employees- Create and maintain a harmonious, respectful work environment
• For the business partners- Create a fair, equal cooperative platform with mutual benefits
• For the Shareholders- Render above-average returns on investment

• Vivo Rajasthan believes that living by with some values is the key to success. It’s the BENFEN, a Chinese proverb in which we believe.
• BENFEN, means individual responsibility, is about keeping an unbiased mind; free from the influence of stress, pain and temptation, particularly when sacrifices have to be made. It’s about continuing to do the right things, and doing them correctly.
• It also denotes to how we cooperate with others. We never take advantage of those around, even when we have to make sacrifices ourselves.
• Lastly, it about holding oneself accountable when problems arise.

2. Integrity
• The fundamental definition of integrity is to be honest without deceit and to admit our mistakes without fear.
• Our integrity is to be honest without deceit and admit the mistakes without any fear.
• It’s about keeping promises and living up to our word, even in the face of setback sacrifice
• Integrity is results -oriented (provided that the Core Values are kept) -and this is perhaps the best definition of honesty.

3. Team Spirit
• The success of a corporation as a whole is linked directly to the success of smaller teams and their members. The shared interests of the corporation take priority when they are in conflict with those of the smaller teams & individuals.
• We believe in showing ultimate team spirit by being honest with each other and communicate with open mind. Consider yourself a part of the team, and keep the team vision as your ultimate purpose.
• Bureaucracy and barriers between departments are detrimental to the integrity of team spirit & should be broken down as soon they arise

4. Superior Quality
• Quality means the pursuit of perfection, even in the smallest of details. It leads to a consumer experience that is not just satisfactory, but also enjoyable & surprisingly pleasant.
• For us customer experience is the trump card to beat the completion & a key to real success.
• In pursuit of first class & ceaseless quality our management is designed in a way that requires everyone’s participation, has a role to play, providing a vital link for combined success.

5. Constant Learning
• We are always in constant learning mode & motivated to acquire new knowledge.
• We always search for and learn from the best practices of world-class corporations, and aim to optimise management and operation system accordingly.
• We always keep an open mind, a modest manner and an accepting attitude; and we never get complacent.

6. Innovation
• For us innovation comes by adding actions to new ideas that leads to improvements or values.
• We actively seek to engage ourselves with innovative ideas in all areas that along with technology to come up with plans for the invention, improvement, optimization and application of ideas, methods, systems, processes and skills.
• We make sure that innovation in product and technology has to be customer-oriented-taking the customer experience as fundamental consideration.

7. Consumer Orientation
• Our products and services are designed considering the consumer perspective while avoiding assumptions that consumers will like (without using the market or consumers to guide us).
• Our work is all based on the actual needs of our consumers seek comprehensive consumer leads for the same.
• The market competition for us lies in creating value for customers. Our practice to emerge in the market as a true leader is only through creating value.

While being over the head to be exemplary in the business our code of conduct is the heart of each decision we as a company make. We live by the thought-

“Men’s survival depends on integrity. Only those with integrity can be open in all their actions. Those without integrity may be able to survive, but they only escape from tragedy by luck.” -The Analects of Confucius


1. Integrity
• Integrity is the basic embodiment of our value of Benfen.
• We engage in business & operation activities with unwavering integrity with frankness, honesty and trustworthiness as basic conducts.
• We insist on outspoken communication and accept other people’s opinion openly. In all communications, we do not conceal ideas or set obstacles for each other. We engage in talking about actions or things instead of individual persons.
• We resist the tolerance mentality like “none of my business” for organization or any individual and believe everyone has the responsibility to point out incorrect behaviour or mistakes.
• Integrity is our basic ethical standard in conduct and we implement it level by level to pass it generation to generation.
• As people with integrity win the trust & respect by others, we as organization anticipate to win the respect and admiration of the society.

2. Implementation & Results

When you say it, you must do it. If you do it, you must achieve results. -The Analects of Confucius

• It’s better to do things than to say things. Whatever we do, we must strive to do it best. This is our promise.
• We must strictly abide by established principles and procedures, and care about speed, quality and details. We emphasize immediate actions & devotion.
• We insist on being results-oriented (with the principle of not violating our corporate culture). Only our achievements &
• Only by achieving excellent results can our organization survive and develop more healthily and for longer.


3. Team Spirit with Ownership

Unity of thoughts and solidarity will surely lead to victory. -Military Science of Sun Tzu

• We uphold the same values, bear the same missions, and pursue the same visions & goals. At any time, our actions and goals must be highly consistent.
• Our first code of conduct is to take work as the priority & working towards vision & benefitting the company.
• We believe a team’s success should be the success of all team members. Only when the team is successful, individual success can be realised.
• We must be strict to ourselves for creating excellent results and urge all other team members for the same.
• In situation of problems we must actively review ourselves first & look at our own responsibilities. We are strictly against dishonesty, lies, perfunctory or any form of excuses that renders problem solving or making improvements & influences other team members as well.
• We believe that are all independent and share the same fete. Thus, we advocate leadership, ownership, and team spirit to work together and create success while also realizing personal value.



Product Culture


The product is core vehicle of achieving the company’s mission & vision & every business activity should revolves around its product. To vitalize the product we have:

Product Mission: We create joyful surprises for young people through innovative technology and fashionable design.

Product Vision: We make products that young people adore, are highly sought after, and pleasantly surpirise them.

Product Philosophy: Before creating any product we make sure it is enthusiastic, perfectionist, minimalist, innovative, design-driven.



Brand Culture


Brand Mission: We aim to be a brand that caters technology & fashion for an extraordinary lifestyle of young consumers.

Brand Core Values: Technology and trendy are our core value to live by.