Vivo V20 Eye AF 44MP Selfie Camera | Discover How It Is Different

Nowadays, sharing instant updates & presenting your best self has become one of the most crucial matters of image consciousness for everyone. And the influence of intensive details in the picture is another stimulation everyone is following these days. That is why smartphone brands are hustling to improve their selfie camera & load more features to stay in the race. And like always, vivo managed to secure the top position with its innovation here as well. First vivo X50 Series, and now vivo V20 44MP auto eye focus camera is making all the news.

So, let’s find out what is this & how having an eye autofocus camera smartphone can change your photography skills to pro.


The Problem:

Initially, the focus feature was only present in digital cameras, which later on was adopted by smartphone cameras as well. Following this focus evolved into an autofocus mode using which capturing the sharper details of the subject & elimination of the background could be done from a fixed distance. But even in this mode, adding sharpness to the image was difficult while taking portrait shots. Thus the image would look somewhat look blurry or improperly focused. 

The Solution:

After the constant research & development, eye autofocus finally came into existence in digital cameras. And in the smartphone, it was vivo labs that brought this innovation with the most compelling accuracy in the results. The Eye AF establishes focus on the eye of the subject. This feature assists a steady focus at all times regardless of the distance or movement of the subject. And that is why having this feature in a smartphone is a boon for all content creators. 

To sum up, the verdict of better focus mode goes to eye autofocus. It is because fixed focus usually puts a limitation on the subject to maintain a fixed distance for capturing the details. On the other hand, eye AF gives consistent results regardless of the distance & movement of the subject, thus making storytelling through videos a lot easier.  

Guess what’s more?
All these sharp focused selfie videos can be recorded in 4K quality so that you show your talent & not pixels.


Though the auto eye focus is one of the main features on the camera, the user will need to enable this option from the settings. So to experience the difference of eye AF you need to follow these steps. If you don’t follow these steps, only the face focus will work.

  • Open the camera
  • Go to the settings
  • Tap on the motion autofocus option
  • Press on the toggle to enable auto eye focus
  • You can also manually select the eye you want to focus on from the options of the left eye, right eye & face focus.


Remember that enabling eye autofocus won't hinder face focus. If because of any reason the eye AF fails to detect, face focus will still do the job.


We hope using eye autofocus on our all-new vivo v20 will help you take better shots & videos that are full of details & sharp colors.

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