As Diwali vibes have already hit all corners, Vivo Rajasthan is all submerged in harbinger of the occasion. As the festival is synonymous of being together and celebrating with kin, we believe a family that feasts together stays together. And it was an utmost delight for us to be in festive feels already with our VBA family. It was all about being pre-festive celebration cum meet with our entire Rajasthan clan of VBAs recognizing their hard work, introducing new things and boosting their energy levels for the festival.


Outlines of the Meet

Beginning from 5th October,2019 to date15th October, 2019, the Diwali motivational meet were held in different zones. The event and pre-festive celebration kick-started from zone 8 ended with exuberance and lots of energy among all to bang on the festive season. 

For Vivo, its VBAs are the backbone of our unit. They are the ones working on ground zero and have maximum interaction with the customers. To correspond the same, an interactive session comprising V17pro highlights, strategies of retailer schemes and VBA schemes were introduced. At the same time, the sessions of open feedback were insightful on professional and personal level for all. To fit the purpose of the event and bring useful innovations; customer demands and currently faced issues were also brought up through open discussions. 


Building Connection and Motivation 

Keeping business aside, to increase the engagement and build a connection with the VBA different activities were also organised. “You can’t reflect better unless you know yourself inside out”; in the pursuit of same, encouraging activities like self-recognition were also imparted in meetings across all zones. In the same chain, activities like on grooming policies were also brought up. 

As the Diwali meet aimed to motivate the VBAs, it was impossible without forming one to one connection with them. To accommodate the same, a motivational video depicting champions journey of top-performing VBAs was presented to all. Other than this, the chiefs also interacted with them and shared the ideologies on how they can improve their performance and presented cash rewards. Apart from this, a Diwali booster was introduced giving a fair opportunity to every VBA to make more credits according to their capabilities. 


Success in Impact

The meet ended with recognizing the hard work of best performers. The awards were presented for the categories like ‘Most Groomed VBA’, ‘Most Hygienic VBA’, ‘Most Loyal VBA’, ‘Super Smart VBA’ and ‘Top Sales Performer’. Also, to support maximum sales of the lately launched Vivo V17Pro, a new category of ‘V17Pro Top VBA’ was introduced. Under this category, VBAs who sold maximum units of the models in their zones were rewarded for their dedication. Presenting the titles and trophies boosted the enthusiasm of other VBAs.

At last, just how we expected every VBA was highly motivated and vouched to deliver beyond their 100%. 

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