Launched on 9th September 2018, V11 Pro is the new age device from Vivo whose grand launch in Rajasthan took place at Indiana Palace Jaipur. The impeccable design of Vivo V11Pro is a thing to admire. 

Highlights- Details that make V11 Pro worthy 

It’s a creative mix of design and dexterity. With the in-display fingerprint sensor and premium look of the body, V11 Pro makes the most efficient in its range. The premium plastic body of V11 Pro gives it a gorgeous glance and lightweight phone for all those who don’t want a ‘metallic slate’ in their pockets. However, the power & volume buttons are made of metal which adds elegance providing long life to them. 

he event showcased the major features of Vivo V11Pro with the help of a kaleidoscopic graphics show on the big screen.

– The front camera snuggles into the curve of a water droplet design.

– The fingerprint sensor is just very rightly sensitive.

– The plastic body makes it lighter and manageable.


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