Trend on social media by using these apps to create AI Art Photo

Are you also seeing reimagined pictures of Greek goddesses, and celestial or anime characters doing rounds on social media? Well, it is AI gathering all attention on social media. Different AI Avatar generators are producing realistic avatars full of mesmerizing digital art and taking over as a trend.

If since then you are also wondering whether to create & post your AI photo or send a snap with cartoon face animation to your friend, you are at the right place. We have searched all the required resources on AI image generators & the necessary information for you. So you don’t waste time searching for the best one.


Lensa: Avatar Maker, Editor

Imagine the best version of your pictures & Lensa may create it for you. Beyond the conventional photo editing tools or filters for colour grading, this app is worth downloading for creating infinite magic avatars of your pictures. All you need is some of your selfies in different profiles & select the plan for how many avatars you would like to create.

Whether you select a pack of 20 or recreate more using a different picture, the best part is- not even two images are repeated.



ToonMe- Photo Cartoon Maker

Do you love creating animated pictures of your pictures? The ToonMe, photo cartoon maker app can help you create instagram worthy images in no time. All you need to do is search from the templates available, choose your best picture or take one using the in-app camera & upload it.

The app delivers HD-quality cartoons & vector style redesigned digital art of your picture in a single tap. Moreover, you can also adjust the tone of these pictures using filters. However, even Toon Me is not an entirely Free AI photo generator app.



Wonder: AI Art Generator

Watch wonder do wonders to your fictional command. Yes, that’s how this AI picture generator app works. Getting a piece of art for yourself is as easy as typing “Dolphin dancing on a rainbow” in the search box, selecting a style and the create button delivers it for you.

The cherry on top is that you can turn photos into art. The AI portrait can also convert your picture into crazy artwork. And the best part is that you can download the results without a watermark.




This app is a go-to option for its powerful AI for fun creativity without spending bucks. Well, it is a freemium app for 7 days or more (depending on the offer availability) and later you will have to pay.  You may like it most for prompt results & templates to come up with results that resemble your imagination.



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