Top 5 apps you must have to track your different new year resolutions

New year, new me!

It’s the official time of the year when you would be working on personal growth plans seriously. New year resolutions are not just a year planner’s first-page things. But they also help to reflect on challenges & create a better plan. If you have also thought of something, why not achieve it?

The only way out of it is through making little progress every day. Just don’t forget to keep track. So, in 2023 use your smartphone & some apps to make your plans easier.


Activity Tracker

'I will get in better shape' 'I will focus on my health' 'I will make a healthy lifestyle my habit'...

Maybe these are your thoughts or random for anyone to plan their entire year. But smartphone technology has made it easier than ever to monitor progress & activities.

Hardcore workouts are not the only solution to make your lifestyle better. A brisk walk can cure physical inactivity too. Today all latest smartphones are loaded with step & calorie-counting features to chase your goals without third-party apps. And all the latest vivo smartphones also have smart Jovi to remind you to drink water as per your set goal.

So what is stopping you from using free features?



Skill development

Jan-March is said to be the best time for switching jobs. So, if you are also looking for a professional leap, all the needed resources are in your hand only. Are you planning to develop your hobby into perfection or learn about topics you have been curious about but know bits & pieces only? It is the time to study & get certified.

Applications like Coursera, Udemy, LinkedIn, Coursera & many more make it easy to resume your learning anytime and earn a valid certificate to make your profile stand out from others. And with a big display smartphone in your pocket, make the most of your time by playing the apps on the split screen. 

So, get online & find the ladder of your career.



Finance Tracker

Monthly EMIs, online shopping, UPI & cash payments, debit card transactions, credit card bills & the list of expenditures can get very long, but ways to organize all these are minimum.

But for financial success, you need to take the first step of tracking expenses and organizing them. Though there are no perfect trackers, apps like Monefy and many others track your money by simply feeding information each time you make any daily purchase and saving your record for monthly analysis. These apps usually categorize your expenses and help you get a good idea of your purchasing behaviour.

Or if you are using trying to make money online from a phone, these apps may help you keep a tab on them too. 




Professional & personal development vies around parallel. So spending some time to grow yourself can improve your knowledge hub & bring personality change.

Such self-development apps help you follow your reading habit, create the best ideas, & gain more insights into random but valuable facts.

Using apps like Deepstash and many more will help you build and organize your knowledge hub. Moreover, by saving them you can also create your library of facts, tips, skills, quotes, insights, and critical ideas that you can easily access.



Sleep Apps


Almost one in every 3 individuals has a disturbed sleep cycle or struggles to get enough sleep. So, if you are also feeling a little stressed lately, you are not alone. Smartphones are now an integral part of changing the sleep cycle but do you know that they can also help improve it. If you are sleep deprived, try sleep apps. 

Applications like calm & headspace provide music and stories to promote quality sleep. No just this, the extensive library of these apps is also beneficial for meditation, mindfulness, stretching, and breathing exercises.

You can also try out meditation for day time as it kicks out mental ailments & anxiety if practised in the long run.



We hope you will find our recommendations most useful & make your smartphone use more productive.

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