Switching From iOS To Android | Should You Or Should You Not?

Apple has recently launched its new “creation” and there has been an equal amount of dilemma and enthusiasm amidst the users. The smartphone marketplace is piled up with the most capable Android phones than ever. In fact, many users are actively considering a switch. Often, there are queries regarding the level of familiarity and convenience Android can provide to its users. Let’s check out whether this comparison is worthy enough or both offers their distinct experience which is incomparable.

Home Screen

The android phones have a basic language of swiping, drop down and tapping is pretty much easy as per the structure of the home screen. On one side of the ‘home’ button lies the back button that does the perfect job of taking you on the previous page. On the other side of ‘home’ button lies preview button that shows all the background running apps. With the help of the preview button, you can switch between background applications.

While iPhone is a lot different as it has quick actions available from bottom swipe. And rest functions like phone unlocking, switching background applications and others are controlled from home button only.

Application Services

The only lag Android still faces is some huge-name apps that roll out its updates to Apple first. Also, there is no real alternative to few applications which are exclusive to iOS play store. Besides, Android’s app platform is ever-growing and the new app makers consider both the platforms as pivotal.

Contact & Bookmark Recovery

Contact is one of the most important data in any phone which has the vulnerability of getting lost frequently. However, both the phones have similar features for recovery of such lost files. For iPhone, you can easily get your contacts back by copying them from iCloud and so can android users from their Google account. Also, both the platforms are compatible for copying and syncing contacts and bookmarks from each other when switching.

Music Applications

Gone are the days, when the iTunes download could buzz only within the Apple device. Any amount of music which you have bought in your Apple can be transferred to your new Android also. Music bought after 2009 can be converted into mp3 and played in Android phone. You can simply sign into your old phone and play the downloaded list.

Additionally, now android users have google music for convenient music streaming and downloading without making 3rd party applications important for enjoying music.

Camera Quality

Now, Apple and its users might have this perception of having an unmatchable camera, but Android phones have come farther than this notion. Because, the marketplace has so many competitive Android makers, Apple having a nonpareil camera is far from the truth. There are many android camera providing same quality and camera features which gives it tough competition and beat apple’s monopoly in the market.  

Also, concerning the file transfer to get your iPhone photos in your Android, you can export those pictures on the computer and upload them in the Google account.

Security against Hacking & Viruses

Yes, Android being a more versatile platform invites the uncertainties of some malware or malicious application barging on your personal details or bank information. Android provides the coolest customization possibilities as compared to iOS. However, there can be threat if you download apk files from the web, there are chances of threat to your phone data.


The verdict for iPhone or Android

At last, considering functions of both software they have cutting edge features which results in enhanced user experience. However, the iOS technology is a bit on the smooth side than android. So, it’s all about users what they want experience kind of experience do they want to get hands on.

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