Rewards & Recognition 2020: 6th Year Celebration

26th December 2020

The year 2020 felt nothing but turbulence as vivo took the flight of sustaining its name among the most preferred smartphone brands. It brought unthinkable changes worldwide however gave the space to many radical introductions and their implementations. After all, ‘Determined people working together can do anything.’ And the proud moment for vivo Rajasthan is that the expanding family has not only achieved success together, but it also affixes at the six vouching for the celebration of many more years to come. Read and find out how we made the waves and sailed smoothly on the bump.

Naming Flight of Fighters

The year 2020 exposed precarious times of crisis like Covid-19. However, it also gave everyone time to explore the strengths, positivity & be more giving. And to achieve this, one needs to be fiery. Thus, the R&R 2020 theme was chosen as ‘Pheonix’, taking inspiration from its characteristics like strength, transformation & renewal of the team. Also, though the bears were prominent in the market, all vivo employees played the bull to pull the indicators upwards.

That being said, the year-end full of rising & rumbling of successful new product launch, ‘Phoenix Theme’ demonstrates the entire event very well.

Not only this, all the trailers and the plot of the event were designed with the color purple to symbolize the faith in the power of the subconscious mind and represent the transformation.

Digital Prevue

The fiasco all-around had aroused many challenges already & organizing an event in such circumstances was an add-on test. However, for health safety & adhering to distancing rules, it transcended into a digital event.

Right from outlining the event to its broadcasting, the planning personnel was attentive towards the concern at every step. That is why this time, all physical greetings took even more creative transformation following the digitized pathway.

Individual zone invitations, Chinese delegate video messages, Preparation teasers & countdown with the event host; all the announcements were becoming fever pitch. Each zone had its custom invitation as the countdown preceded to take part in the event.

Welcome To The Amazing Arena

As the digital event began, with the notes of folk music & virtual palace; the entering experience was better & beyond watching a 3D movie.

The commemoration of the event begun recalling the major achievements of the past five years. While the procession already had its tale of how vivo Rajasthan added the sparkle to the 6th year. 

And the perfect ode to it was unmissable honor paid to vivo warriors followed by auspicious proceedings of the lamp lightning done by Mr. Owen, Mr. Ethan, Mr. Rahul Jaiswal, Mr. Rishabh Jain & Mr. Abhishek Purohit. Later on, the high note performance of Ganesh Vandana solicited the blessings of the deity to kick start the event accurately.


Meet The Mightiest

As 2020 was full of the scariest challenges, a few teams of vivo were dutiful being ‘Covid-19 Warriors’ & therefore the admin team, warehouse & promotion team were recognized for their same efforts. Talking about the award categories, the very first was ‘Shining Star VBAs’ in which each achiever of the year was rewarded with INR 11K for their amazing performance during the tiresome time. And the recipients in the category were Mr. Bharat Gyanchandani, Mr. Manoj Samariya, Mr. Abhay Jethliya, Mr. Shakir Hussain, Mr. Manish Kathuriya, Mr. Niraj Kumar Manhot, Mr. Dharmendra Vasavani, & Mr. Mohd. Irfan Sheikh. 

The next award was for the ‘Rising Star of The Year’ category in which winners were felicitated with the all new vivo V20 smartphone along with their well deserving trophies. And the recipients were Mr. Rajat Kumawat from FOM department, Mrs Swati Sharma from SOM Department, Mrs Vijayta from SCM Department & Ms Manisha Chaudhary from SRM Department. However, from zones, winners in the same category were Mr. Sushil Sharma from Zone 1, Mr. Kunal Mathur from Zone 2, Mr. Gajraj Singh Naruka from Zone 3, Mr. Sparsh Gautam from Zone 4, Mr. Keshav Kumar Singh from Zone 5, Mr. Gaurav Sachdeva of Zone 6, Mr. Aman Pandey of Zone 7, Mr. Tarun Kumar Solanki of Zone 8 & Ms Eshupriya Sharma of Zone 9.

Up next was the category whose support makes work easiest i.e. ‘Best Supporting Chinese Colleagues’ were Mr. Ethan Zhao of SRM Department, Mr. Kelvin Zhang of SOM Department & Mr. Alex Li of FOM Department.

Up next was the category for the employees who were determined to nail their name on the trophies of ‘Best Performer of The Year’. And the awardees in this category from HO are Mr. Mohit Jain of the FOM Department, Mr. Pankaj Singhal of SCM, Mr. Rajesh Sharma of the SRM Department & Mr. Mudit Sharma of the SOM Department. While talking about the zones, the recipients were Mr. Abhishek Pareek of Zone 1, Mr. Bhawani Singh Khinchi of Zone 2, Mr. Deepchand Gupta of Zone 3, Mr. Narayan Pandey of Zone 4, Mr. Pankaj Sharma of Zone 5, Mr. Gaurav Aacharya of Zone 6, Mr. Rameshwar Prasad of Zone 7, Mr. Pawan Kumar Swarankar of Zone 8 & Mr. Jitesh Kumar Manwani of Zone 9.


The next category award was for the toil of learning & standout as the ‘Best Management Trainee’. And the outshining names in this category who won the trophies & INR 5K as a reward were Mr. Abhishek Sahu & Mr. Kanuparthi Sai Ram Sandeep. The other category was for someone who supports the business of the company & are ‘Vivo Top Channel Players’ were, Mr. Narendra Jain, Mr. Jagdish Vaishnav, Mr. Saurav, Mr. Ashwin Dhankani, Mr. Omprakash Goyal, Mr. Ghanshyam Gupta & Mr. Rohit Agarwal. Up next was the category of those who outperformed on all parameters & became our ‘Best Supporting Channel Partners’. The winner in the category was Mr. Ghanshaym Gupta of Zone 1, Mr. Ram Lal Chaudhary Zone 2, Mr. Narendra Jain of Zone 3, Mr. Rajesh of Zone 4, Mr. Jitendra Agarwal of Zone 5, Mr. Honey Gupta of Zone 6, Mr. Ashwin Dhanjani of Zone 7, Mr. Anshul Jain of Zone 8 & Mr. Manish of Zone 9. And as the following duties come up, another category was for overall achievement as ‘Vivo RJ Top 3 Zone of 2020’ and the winners were group A was Zone 5 of Group A, Zone 7 from Group B, Zone 9 in Group C.

A few other categories in the award were ‘Best Project of the Year’ which was given to vivo Blue Project, a learning platform that aimed to develop skills while being at home. Another category was for the team of getters i.e. ‘Best Department Award’ and the winner was SCM Department. Later on it was followed by, ‘Star of the Department’ award which was received by Mr. Naveen Kumar Jain of SCM Department, Mr. Hemendra Shekhawat of SRM Department, Mr. Anil Mamoria of SOM Department & Mr. Naveen Kumawat of FOM Department. The next award category was for the person who made his work shine bright & became the ‘Star Of The Year’, and the winner was Mr. Anurag Gupta. Up award round was intended admiring the gems more than rewarding them was ‘CEO Special Choice’ Award, and the winners were Mr. Abhishek Purohit, Mr. Rahul Jaiswal, Mr. Rishabh Jain & Mr. Ethan Zhao.


Talk Of The Trade

However, every celebration is only possible when we talk about vision & work hard to achieve it. And that’s where the targets of the trades made their way in the event. And to serve the purpose, Mr. Owen interacted live with the audience. His motto behind the interaction was to motivate the channel partners & his entire team for business & functional development. Adding more to it, he said, “What is our goal in the market? How can we fulfill the vision of a happy, healthy, and long-lasting world-class company? It can only happen if we go step by step & to do this, the first one is to acquire more market share, second is to increase the share in the terminal area & third to gain more profit contribution.” Talking more in the same context, during his interaction he touched on parameters of performance review, succession planning, high-end share, product line management, incentive mechanism, localization, company culture construction, trust building & customer thinking among others.

After this, the head of Sales Channel Management Mr. Rahul Jaiswal also interacted with the team & all channel partners to share some words. His interaction mainly aimed to motivate all & stay high spirited with firm determination. And summing up the same, he shared his journey of how he promoted himself from being ‘Nobody to Somebody’. “We faced many internal & external challenges, temptations, difficulties etc. but, today when we look back this seems worthy of the pain, pressure, anger, frustration, missing personal time, and many other feelings that we’ve been through. We started from a small office and a minimal staff, and many of them are still with us working in different departments & teams; leading our organization day and night for its growth in multiple directions. Our first financial year’s turnover was even less than a Diwali month’s achievement, but 6 years back our directors believed that yes “Rajasthan” has the opportunity to grow more”, he quoted. Adding more he said, “I need your commitment; I need your devotion for vivo in every possible manner because vivo is also committed and devoted to your success and growth in the same way always. To achieve your dream VIVO will always be there for you”.


Sipping Sporty Shake

The awards in the events are motivational, but that doesn’t ignite interest among all. And that is why the small gaming rounds between the entire event kept everyone intact & engaged to the screens. These sparking activities were lucky draws & guessing games.

After each award felicitation award, there was a guessing game in which participants had to guess & answer the asked question from the image/clip/song played on the screen. However, the thrill was of being the fastest finger first, as only the consistent performers in all rounds that too with correct answer could win the surprise gift on the day.

Other than this, the lucky draw rounds thrilled by the vivo smartphones, accessories like vivo Neo & vivo Power bank & grand cash prizes up to INR 50k. However, the entire round was all luck based & only a few could turn the tables in their favor.

Tapping on Tapped Performances

What’s a celebration without dance & performances! So yes, even though the entire event was an innovation, this time the performances revamped the most. And it started right from their practice sessions when all of them had to pull their socks for one of its kind experience filled with graphics & effects. And to cut it precisely, the performances were no less than a Bollywood music album. The singing performances were given by Zone 7 & HO while the extraordinary dance performances were based on themes viz. The fire of Wings & Era of Music.

However, as the whole event was subjected to rewarding, along with entertainment one performance too was supposed to be the winner. To make it possible there was live polling after each performance. And the most loved performance, i.e. ‘Best Performance Of The Evening’ was ‘Fire of the Wings’.

At last as a family always stays together, the sweet success of the event was celebrated with a virtual cake cutting over video call in all the zones as well HO.

Lastly, not to miss the whole event was made engrossing by the amazing host Siddharth Kannan and his comic skills.


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