R&R 2019 | Vivo 5Year Celebration

24th Dec 2019,

It was "The Day" when Vivo Rajasthan feted for completion of another successful year. Customarily, celebrated as the annual appreciation event but this time it also had more meaning to it. Vivo has completed 5 years in the Indian market and Vivo Rajasthan clan has achieved different heights. If Vivo Rajasthan is a galaxy; the event can be termed as a star studded night. “Moving towards success is truly an accomplishment when you bring others along”, and the rewards & recognition night was special for Vivo Rajasthan and its members in many ways. Read on to find out how the night flowed into a memorable event until next time.


Odyssey of Vivo to Vivo Rajasthan

The theme of R&R 2019 was the 5year celebration. After entering the Indian market in 2014, overtime Vivo became the most loved smartphone brand of the millennials. In this span, the brand has touched the hearts of its customers by delivering innovation in the market. As this journey has been distinctive for Vivo, before the event started formally, Vivo Rajasthan showcased Vivo journey that contributed to such sweep. The brand Vivo brought innovations into the industry like world’s first ever slimmest smartphone, India’s first ever in-display fingerprint smartphone, Hi-Fi Music 2.0 into the smartphones, World’s first ever 24MP moonlight selfie camera, World’s first pop-up and dual pop-up selfie camera. Apart from this, Vivo also actively paraded in sports like IPL and Pro kabaddi. Together with the grateful 5 years, Vivo also teased to bring 5G ready smartphones by the year 2020. Also, to diminish the taboo of foreign manufacturing, Vivo initiated its ‘Make in India’ errand that supports the Indian market, improves the economy & consumer ship.

Vivo was already a leading global smartphone brand back in 2014. While coming into India, popularising Vivo brand at the regional level had its own kind of challenges & required lots of efforts. Mr Owen, Mr Shawn & Mr Andy were the three musketeers who laid the foundation of Bubugao Communication Pvt Ltd in Rajasthan. With the vision to make Vivo more like any other Indian smartphone brand, they incorporated their knowledge & started hiring desired talent. Currently, Vivo Rajasthan has nearly 2000 employees & 4000 retailers, while Vivo is the 2nd most liked smartphone brand. This synergy of consumers, retailers & employees has created a progressive chain of Vivo thus increasing its market share. However, profit isn’t everything and the organisation continuously strives to provide exemplary services & profits to all members.

The Precedent Commemoration

The rewards & recognition was no less than an auspicious event for us. And to set the event in motion nothing could have been better than the lamp lightning later followed by Ganesh Vandana. It was the performance by the Head Office members with energetic performance as required to seek the blessings of the almighty. Up next, Mr Owen the CEO of Bubugao Communication Pvt Ltd gave the welcome speech commenting “Thank you all for the companionship & unmatched support with vivo Rajasthan. Celebrating 5 years is the first milestone and together with firm aspiration, we can achieve many more milestones. This 5th anniversary is more like a new year party. It is not the time to celebrate over what we have achieved. There are still higher pursuits and greater dreams waiting for us. This is just Starting point of the new journey” Furthermore, he spoke about Benfen & the Mission that guides the business, the essence of marketing & the business logic that improves the brand value, the crisis awareness & self-discipline among young people. Talking about the sales goals, he said, “In 2021, vivo is working to exceed its market share in pan India as a target. For vivo RJ, we need to set a benchmark for the market share! We need to be fully prepared & determined to achieve our goals”.


Rewarding the Righteous

Deciding the best among all wasn’t easy but this search leads us to those members of our team who strengthened the pillars of Vivo Rajasthan. However, according to the skills & contribution of all these members there were categorised in different groups & honoured likewise.

Followed by the keynotes of the host, firstly the ‘Diwali Performance Award’ were distributed. Based on the guidelines given for Diwali sales target this award was all about appreciating the top 3. The Zone 7 acquired 3rd position, Zone 5 secured 2nd position while Zone 6 topped with its best sales performance.


Later the ‘Rising Star Award’ took place. This award was for all those employees who brought change to the organization with their creatives ideas & hard work. Mr Vikki Singh of Zone 1, Mr Kailash C. Kumawat of Zone 2 as the Retail Sales Executive (RSE), Mr Shiv Pratap Singh the Human Resource Business Partner (HRBP) of Zone 3, Mr Viplove Chauhan the Area Retail Manager(ARM) of Zone 4, Mr Tarun Bohra the Sr SIM of Zone 6, Mr Anurag the SIM of Zone 9, Mr Anupam Sharma of Zone 5, Mr Paramveer Singh of Zone 7 & Mr Amanpreet Singh of Zone 8 as the Retail Sales Officer (RSO) were the rising stars from zonal offices of Vivo Rajasthan.

While the Warehouse Executive Mr Kapil Dev Sharma (FOM), the Marketing Incharge Mr Lokendra Shekhawat & the VBA Service Asst. Manager Mrs Manpreet Kaur of SOM department, the Admin Manager Mr Anurag Gupta of SRM department and the Business Development Manager Mr Surjeet Singh Panwar of SCM department were honoured as the Rising Stars from the Head Office.



Our Chinese mentors are more like a BBG family more than chiefs of the organisation. Streamlining their support and contribution, rewards for ‘Best Chinese Support’ were aligned. Mr Kelvin Zhang the Head of Sales Operation Management department, Mr Alex Li the Head of Finance Operation Management & Mr Charlie Wang, the Manager of Product Strategy Department who bagged the title. While Mr Alex & Mr Kelvin were unavailable to receive their awards; Mr Charlie presented his elation for receiving the honour in his thanking note.


Efficiency is doing the right things which takes commitment to excellence, focused planning and efforts to deliver results. Such hard work is destined to be rewarded and apart from just appreciating there were also titles for them. The RSE Mr Mohan Lal Gurjar of Zone 1 & Akshya Bhargava of Zone 2, Mr Rohit Srimal from Zone 3, Mr Pankaj Sharma of Zone 5 & Mr Ashok Kumar Meena from Zone 9 as the Area Retail Manager (ARM), Mr Rajiv Sharma of Zone 6, Mr Vikas Kulshrestha of Zone 8 as ASM, Zone Business Manager Mr Nirav Rayana of zone 4 and Sr. ASM Mr Anuj Kumar Singh of zone 7 received the titles of ‘Best Performer Award’.

From the head office, the FOM service manager Mr Manish Negi, SOM Asst. Training Manager Mr Aditya Sharma, SRM HR Manager Mr Rajesh Sharma, SCM Channel Manager Mr Mohit Kumar Chatter earned the Best Performer Award.



The talent wins the game but it is the teamwork that wins championships. Organisation success is all about team spirit while also powering the individual in you and fill out the spaces that other team members lack. The ‘Best Department Award’ was all about this. The award was won by the Sales Operation Management Department. It was each member who brought the smooth functioning department and giving scope to implementation of new ideas.

While the ‘Best Project Team Award’ was reaped by “Project Structure Changeover". It was Mr Frank at the helm while other members viz Mr Ram Sahu, Mr Shyam Sunder Sharma, Mr Rahul Jaiswal, Mr Anil Kumar, Mr Rahul Mittal, Mr Rajesh Sharma, Mr Aditya Sharma & Mr Abhishek Purohit learnt the ropes of the project & brought it from a vision to the inception.


Onto the next, Mr Kelvin Zhnag Head of Sales Operation Management department, Mr Rahul Jaiswal Head of SCM department & Mr Abhishek Purohit the Sr. Manager of Sales Operation Management department were bestowed with the award of ‘Star of the Year Award’.



On the rewarding account, Mr Rahul commented, “This award has overwhelmed me to the bottom of my heart. But all I can say is this is not all & there’s a long way to go. As the new year is coming in the next few days, the 2020 goal is to hit higher business targets & to achieve more market share.” Recognised with the same, Mr Abhishek commented, “I’m grateful to receive this award but I truly don’t deserve it. More than me, my team deserves it. It is overwhelming to be honoured this much but nothing would have been possible without such great team support.” 


Time of Lucky Streak

Well, besides rewards the only everyone was super excited for lucky draws with double intensity. It was open to all Bubugao members with an equal probability of winning the jackpot. The entire system was managed through software to ensure fair stakes of winning without repetition. It was all matter of probability outcome fused with luck. For the first five rounds, 10 random people won vivo smartphone Y91, V15Pro & S1. While 5 people got lucky winning the very latest vivo V17Pro & V17. Apart from this, there was crazy cash lucky draw too of INR 10k, 20k, 55k, 1.1lakh. In the stroke of luck game, 10 people got lucky winning 10k & 20k each while 5 for the 55K segment & 1 person to took away the hefty amount of 1.1lakh. Every time, the lucky draw session showed up it brought a wave of cheer, expectations and joyousness to see their name in the list. All in all, these lucky draws were intended to pamper a little.


Hive Completing Five

As mentioned, this year’s celebration was all about completing 5 years in India. Many members joined this journey. While some changed their direction, a few chose to sail along. These were the people who had made Bubugao’s vision as their goal & ran the tight ship. From the HO it was SCM Head Mr Rahul Jaiswal, FOM Deputy Head Mr Rishab Jain, Service Asst. Manager Mr Sourabh Joshi, VBA Service Manager Mr Anil Kumar, warehouse Dy. Manager Mr Naveen Kumawat and warehouse Sr. executive Mr Raju Das who completed their 5-year journey. While RSE of zone 1 Mr Jangbahadur Khan, ASM of zone 2 Mr Kapil Arora, KA Manager of Zone 2 Mr Mahendra Singh Jadon, ASM of zone 3 Mr Deepchand Gupta and ARM of zone 9 Ashok Kumar Meena were the employees who stood by during the course. While retailers like Mr Samveg Arora from zone 1, Mr Sunil Hemnani of zone 4, Mr Gaurav Rela of zone 5, Mr Brijesh Bansal of zone 7, Mr Sanjay Modi and Yogesh Gupta from zone 9, gave their companionship to Vivo.



Delight of Dance & Drama

While the entire event was a mix of motivation, appreciation, pampering & emotion; the dance & drama performances were fever pitch of the night.

The very first dance performance was given by the HO team members on the theme of '5 Year Journey'. In their fusion performance of Punjabi jazzy songs & Bollywood salsa with no scope of guess, their performance ended with a fashion walk showcasing the 5year journey of Vivo smartphones upright to its theme.

Another performance by the HO labelled their performance as ‘2+2=5’. Performed by finance department members, their dance packed entertainment with humour & message around phrases related to money. The entire theme of the performance was money. Adjacent to it, there a skit titled 'The Drama Company'  was conceptualised by HO team members to give a dose of laughter.

The Zone 5 also showcased their participation in the event with a peppy ‘Bollywood Comedy’ performance choreographed to perfection. Their sync of steps on the beats & music song fetched them the reward for one of the best performances. Later, Zone 3 fizzle in the attempt to win the hearts of audience through their skit on the sets of ‘The Big Hearted Miser’.  While another skit performance by the Zone 7 titled ‘Jodhpur Wali Train’ impressed the audience & took the award of best performance.

In the series of dance, Zone 6 gave their performance as a ‘Tribute to Indian Army’ giving goosebumps to all with their storytelling. Right from the selection of theme to their act, their hard work won the title of the best performance of the night.

Activities like dance & drama are mood boosters. Alongside, these activities also improve the harmony between the members and show up as a platform to show up lurking skills. Among all, the group song performance of the Chinese delegates over karaoke was something alike.

Distinct & known for their style, the renowned dance crew ‘MJ5’ stole the show with their thundering jazzy performance.

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