Learn How To Create Customized Stickers For WhatsApp

With new and regularly improved features, WhatsApp is one of the best messaging applications. In the series, earlier this year the application developers allowed people to use stickers. Though other applications introduced this feature away back, if you are a WhatsApp user this write up will interest you a lot.

As the use of stickers is already rolling, there are various development options to create custom stickers for WhatsApp.  There are multiple ways you can create custom stickers but here you will learn the easiest one. The steps provided on how to add custom stickers on WhatsApp are tried and tested by us. Thus do try this out, as our method is pretty simple and would take only a few minutes to create your customised sticker packs.

So let’s get started…

The steps we are mentioning here are only for android and android based smartphone users. So, these mentioned steps may vary for other platforms.


Steps to Create WhatsApp Stickers

  • Go to the Google play store and download the ‘Sticker Maker’ app by Viko & Co.
  • Tap on the ‘create a new stickerpack’ option.
  • Give your pack desired name and add author name to it.
  • On the next screen, you will see 30tiles. Tap on any of them to take or select photos from your gallery or file manager. (There will be different options for all 3 options)
  • Once you have selected the pictures, this step allows you to cut the picture into a shape (freehand, circle or square).
  • Once you have cropped the picture, tap on yes & save the picture.
  • Once when you have added three or more pictures you can add them on WhatsApp by tapping on ‘Add to WhatsApp’ option.

Now, your pack for stickers is ready and the next step requires to check them in the application.

  • Open WhatsApp.
  • Tap on the emoji icon.
  • Tap on the stickers option at the bottom.
  • Among other packs, you will see list of the sticker packs and your newly added sticker pack will be shown at last.

And to delete the sticker pack tap on the pack>tap on delete.  


The above mentioned tips use third party applications which require permissions, of your gallery and media files to function well. With the use of these permissions, there’s a possibility of misuse. So, use third party applications only if that’s fine to you.

Use the given method and let us know in the comment section below whether you found our tips and tricks useful?

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