What is Digital Well Being: Learn To Activate It On Your Smartphone

Today technology has integrated into our lives for pretty much everything. And when it’s smartphones and the internet have become part & parcel of our lives. One can access to the digitally constructed world in a few taps. Be it meeting new people, doing business, forwarding money, our emotions; it is being used in almost everything we do.

And in the current scenario, we are simply glued to it for passing our time. However, long hours of activity on smartphones lead to changing behavioral patterns among people. Here, 'Digital Wellbeing' in android 10 is the new approach to help people find a better balance between their digital and real worlds. So, for all those who are unknown from this concept, this article will elaborate on what it is & why you should activate this feature on your smartphones.


Google Digital Wellbeing is an initiative by the operating system on the concept of how one should interact with technology. It has been done to help mobile users keep a tab of their daily usage. Well, not just to have a check, excitingly its features also help you cut down avid use of smartphones.  

Apparently, it raises a question on why do we need to implement this control. It’s because, in researches conducted in America when being asked what distracts you most, many people answered it was their smartphone. Every time it flashes, beeps, or vibrates, it disturbs & the same time intrigues them to check it out. It’s basically FOMO, ‘Fear Of Missing Out’ because of which they can’t live without their smartphones. Moreover, teenagers have a lot more influence in changing their habits and perspective to lead life. Here is a fact check which briefs about the utter requirement to control usage of mobile technology.

As per the infographic provided by commonsensemedia.org


According to radiologists, smartphone and internet addiction creates an imbalance in the brain. Even if this statement is hyperbole for limited sampling, it is evident that this unusual effect is developing among people across the globe.


A dashboard that keeps you informed

Once you activate this service, the dashboard gives you an overview of the time you’ve spent using the phone. It updates with the screen time of all user applications, time spent on them, and a total number of notifications received on that app. This data can also be viewed in different breakdowns such as total hours spent or track previous days usage.