What Is Better: Smartphone & Gimbal Or A Gimbal Smartphone?

Video recording on smartphones is rising to an unimaginable elevation of creativity. Many award-winning documentaries & movies nowadays are being shot through mobile cameras which is proof that its scope is ever-evolving. But this perfection requires additional equipment as well to furnish the professional quality. Among many such common gadgets, a Gimbal stabilizer is the most commonly required asset.

On the other hand, following the footsteps of innovation vivo has introduced a Gimbal camera in the mobile device itself. But now the question arises that whether a Smartphone + Gimbal stabilizer is a good choice or vivo X50 Pro is the right solution for on the go thrill. Well, you can only find it out after reading the complete article which explains multiple aspects & lets you process your thoughts for making one concrete decision.



If you have ever researched a Gimbal than you would know that a fair performing stabilizer easily costs around 15K. However, that’s not all as you would still need a smartphone with extreme recording capabilities. Even if not much then, a smartphone with professional camera quality & a good sensor only comes in a premium range which again demands to lose another 30-40K from your pocket.

On the other hand, buying vivo X50 Pro provides an inbuilt Gimbal camera system without hurting and on top of it, various cashback offers make it a deal to grab on.



Video quality is prime important when you want to deliver perfection. Talking about a standard clarity in videos over the time it has evolved from 720p to 1080p HD & now 4K is essential. However, if you see even the quality, color range & other details of 4K videos differs for all smartphone because of its camera sensor.

Also, these smartphones don’t support recording in all modes as only the primary camera is supported with optical image stabilization. On the other hand, in a gimbal camera smartphone like vivo X50 Pro, it is the primary camera that offers the flexibility of recording with different styles that too up to 3-degrees of anti-shake movement.


Light Weight

The gimbal stabilizers come in different shapes & sizes depending upon their functionality. If considered for regular use, then the smartphone/GoPro camera holding gimbals are used quite often. If you have ever used one or searched, its weight is no less than 550gms & the weight of batteries required to operate it is additional.

On the other hand, holding a gimbal smartphone will only weigh 181gms (as light as holding a coffee mug) despite having a massive battery of 4315mAh. Won’t comfort soothe you more?


Auto Focus

Among many other prime aspects of professional video; it is important to learn that your subject should never go out of focus. But while recording video on a stabilizer it may get tricky to keep it into focus every time the subject moves. Also, most smartphones don’t support motion focus. Then how are you supposed to shoot with a smartphone?

Well, the answer to it is Gimbal smartphone vivo X50 Pro which offers focus lock. So no matter how much you or your subject move, the video will have stability without being faded.


Zoom In & Out

While recording zooming in & out is one basic technique that can change the complete lookout of the video. However, while shooting with a smartphone you would need to press the zooming button continuously as per requirement & at times you may fail too. This is where vivo X50 Pro comes to rescue with its Motion AF tacking & makes recording videos effortless.



The perspective of a professional & an amateur is always different as one is always ready while the other is seeking scope. However, the common condition is that you can't always carry heavy & expensive gadgets with you. But a smartphone is something we all carry with us always. So why not buy all in one gadget that can serve multiple purposes and endure all coming challenges gracefully.  


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