Unclog Your Mind with the Help of Google Play Store

According to National Sleep Foundation, “Young adults and older adults should sleep for at least 7-9 hours every day”.

And after a very long day, it should be effortless to go to bed and sink in the deep sleep. But, are you unable to get that required deep sleep? How about developing a friendly gesture with your smartphone to overcome the anxiety and sleep deprivation to help you through?

If you are looking for some shove to infuse some healthy habits in your daily life, use these techniques to overcome the trouble with your android smartphones only.


  1. “Sush” & “Wind Down”

If you are using latest android smartphone than take its fullest advantage by using this feature. When you want to finish just one more series-episode, one more gaming session or scroll for one more feed, Wind Down takes the lead. This is the app, which you will love for not being so interesting! So, it literally turns your screen grey at a certain point of time when you are crossing your sleep time or “wind down” time. And the Sush feature is more like ‘Do Not Disturb’ handles visual distractions by stopping notifications.