Top 5 Free Word Games for Android Smartphones

Whether you want to play or fun or chill doing an easy activity; word games are perfect for everyone. These games are enjoyable because they are simple & intriguing. These games are perfect for people of every age to play single or angle for numerous words that one can find within a massive jumble of letters. For the popularity of word games, there are varieties like scramble, anagrams, or even fill in crosswords that add unique experience on mobile.

If you are looking for interesting & light games, we recommend you to check our suggestions for word search games & word puzzle games for android.


Word Brain

Playing the word brain, the player will have to form a word from letters displayed on the screen by swiping through them. The swiping should be done in the correct order to clear the grid. The gameplay is fairly simple, in the beginning, the player has to make 4 letter words & the puzzles get more difficult with longer words as the game escalates.