Retail Excellence Award 2020

13th February 2020

vivo Rajasthan recently celebrated its six prosperous years in the smartphone industry. But the observance was incomplete without comprehending the reason that made walking on the tight rope a cakewalk. Though the annual Recognition & Rewards is an excellent way of pumping the team members, this glare soaks up the little fireflies whose enthusiasm brightens up the gloomy days.

And this lighted up the idea of ‘Retail Excellence Awards’. It was all organized for & by the Sales Operation Management Department of vivo Rajasthan for the very first time. The entire event was the accreditation of the hard working team members of SOM’s verticals viz Retail Promotion, Marketing, VBA Service & Exclusive Store Department.  

Read more to find out how the event esteemed the excellence until next time.

Rewards For Risers

As the event was all about excellence, the categorization was done based on the demonstration of qualities like endurance, being an exceptional outperformer with a unique skill set. The very first category of rewards recognized the contribution of team members who juggle multiples chores by staying behind the scenes and aids the effortless functioning of the team. This reward category was for the Best Supporting Staff, felicitated to Mr. Rajpal Mundotiya, Mr. Manish Singh & Mr. Gangaram.  

The second category was for members who dedicated their five or more years to the organization & represented true spirit in making vivo a big name in Rajasthan. And this reward category was Longest Journey Award, felicitated to Mr. Yashwant Bhaskar, Mr. Pawan Singh, Mr. Rajesh Kumar Verma, Mr. Hemraj Singh Chouhan, Mr. Mukesh Kumar, Mr. Ashwini Singh, and Mr. Ankit Agarwal. The next reward was for the member who made pulsating presence by rising over the run within a year of joining the SOM unit. The title for this category was Debutant Of The Year 2020, honored to Ms. Preeti Deepali. And on sharing the excitement, she quoted, “Thank you to all the team members & managers who filled my journey with support & reliability on me.” Another reward category appreciated the efforts of the team member who gave the maximum number of sales & scored the most numbers from their reporting manager. The title of this category was for Best Store Manager from the vivo exclusive stores, felicitated to Mr. Khem Singh Shekhawat.

Up next category was for people who demonstrated best efforts & sets an example of being role models for the entire team. This award category is entitled Achiever of the Year from all the verticals of the SOM Department. And the winners of this honoree were Mr. Ravi Badgujar of Exclusive Store Department, Mr. Prem Chand Mali of Marketing Department, Ms. Aastha Todariya of Retail Promotion Department, Ms. Devika Khangarot of Training Department, Mrs. Neelam Vyas of VBA Service Department. The next set of the award was dedicated to honoring the zeal of team members who never fails to present innovative ideas & always set a new benchmark with their performance. The title for this category was the Outstanding Contribution Award felicitated to Mr. Ankit Garg of the VBA Service Department & Mr. Harish Kumar of the Marketing Department.

In the continuation, the next reward was for the team member who has been versatile, humble hard worker & has earned the admiration of colleagues. The category award was for The Best Performer of SOM & the award was felicitated to Mr. Lokendra Singh Shekhawat from Marketing Department. In its sequel, the next award category narrated the achievement of that one person whose decisions & guidance helped their team to thrive throughout the year. The title of the award was the Outstanding Leadership Award felicitated to Mr. Shyam Sunder Sharma.

Followed by this, the next category of the award aimed at cheering the team & their contribution who could take a plan up to an execution level & brought tuned out as the Best Project 2020 Award. The winning project under this category was VBA Elite Club felicitated to VBA Service Department. With the same crux, another award to appreciate the collective action & efforts of the team members to bring maximum output out of it. The title of the category was Best Department under SOM & the award was felicitated to Marketing Department.

Up next, the award was for a member who is a gregarious person, whose interpersonal skills make people seek their advice & is loved by all. The category title was the People’s Choice Award felicitated to Mr. Ram Sahu.


Glitz of Gifts

Though every member deserves a pat on their back for the support they present to their organization but it’s not practical to reward each one of them. But gifts were for all & the best of them was a bliss of being in such a celebratory moment with the colleagues.

And the best of all were the snippets of lucky draw & games played during the ceremony. From testing the recognition abilities to logical & general knowledge, the games during the event fastened the flow very well. Also, the obligation to abide by the 'fastest finger first' rule added more thrill to the game. Moreover, the exciting & useful surprise gifts from in the lucky draw & games were cherry on the top of the cake.  

However, the bumper lucky draw rounds conducted by Mr. Kelvin Zhang stirred the ambiance when he announced a giveaway of 600 Chinese Yuan i.e. INR 6000/- in Indian currency among other huge cash giveaways. 

Words of Wisdom

“Attitude is what we are the capability to do, but attitude determines how well we do it.” And that’s where the learnings shared by the leaders help team members to stay focused in a direction.

To begin with, Mr. Kelvin Zhang, Head of SOM Department, shared his experience working with vivo Rajasthan & how the team grew. In the same context, he shared, "Starting from 2014 to 2017, there was a time of survival due to high investment made in the business. And the market share during this span was not up to the expectation. But from 2018- 2019 was all about receiving love & the profit percent rose. At that time, we all realized that we must look out for set benchmarks & learn from the competitors. And that's when by Diwali 2019 Diwali the numbers turned in our favor & we became the No. 1 brand in the region. And by the year 2020, we became No. 1 in the offline market. With this success, we learned how to sustain excellence according to the people's demands. And in the same quest, we created the vivo learning platform, took guidance from company culture, BENFEN & did the right things. That’s how vivo managed to be a long lasting leader in Rajasthan." To conclude he said, "So dear team, this has all happened with your perseverance & keep learning to grow."

Succeding to this, as Deputy Head of the SOM Department, Mr. Abhishek Purohit addressed, "There are 5 small & obvious things that can help us sustain as the best. And, it all begins with when firstly you empty your cup i.e. always be ready to learn, relearn & don't let yourself get into a comfortable situation. The second important thing is, learn new skill sets i.e. don't limit your capabilities keep expanding your learning by getting information about everything that interests you & of different verticals at your workplace. The third is to be focused on everything you do. The fourth one is, love your team, i.e. when you learn your team it creates an understanding with colleagues & eventually they will love working with you. And the fifth one is, always follow company culture as all strategies of the company are formed around its guidelines only".

At last, the event concluded with the affirmation that next year would be progressive & banging.


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