PUBG Update 0.15.5 | Updates you get in Season 10

The new PUBG update 0.15.5 is rolling on the play store from November 8. According to the game teaser, apart from being a completely new season, this time there is a new submachine gun- MP5K, a new map named Ruins, an exclusive vehicle and new characters. Besides these, the best part for players about this update is that the servers won’t be taken down for maintenance.

So moving beyond speculations, let’s check out what it takes to survive & conquer in the PUBG Season 10: Fury of the Wasteland.

Starting with the changelog, the update will receive changes such as 20 Silver, 2,000 BP & 1 Blue Glider Trail. And now, read the complete article to find out other major highlights of the game which will surely interest you all. 


All New Season



The 0.15.5 update is officially an update for Royale Pass Season 10: Fury of the Wasteland. Other than improved UI of Royale Pass there are new rewards where requests have been relaunched and Royale Pass can be gifted now. Also, the Royale Pass Upgrade Card can be used directly in the Pass Upgrade page.




New Weapon MP5K





In season 10, the MP5K which is a portable SMG will now appear in Vikendi rather than Vector. In this season MP5K is equipped with 900RPM rate of fire and outstanding anti-recoil capabilities. Also, with a base damage of 33, it comes equipped with tactical stock, mag attachments, scopes, foregrips, and laser sights attachments.



New Character Sara



A bit later in the game, players can unlock the new character Sara who is a Vehicle engineer. Her ability is vehicle enhancement, reducing damage taken by them and driving or riding in EVO modes.



Companion System Falcon



In the coming time for redemption event, the players will be able to collect materials for the falcon. Also, the players can get more companion shards in the shop or from the Royale Pass.



New Team Map

This season has brought a new Team Deathmatch Map in a plot of mysterious ancient ruins hidden in a rainforest, named as ‘Ruins’. Here, it will be all up to the players to decide whether they will abreast with the enemies or work together to setup hold for the situations in the game.


Zima a New Vehicle

Now the UAZ you used to get exclusively in Vikendi has been replaced by Zima. It makes driving 4-wheeled vehicles more practical and easier than others.


Season System

Considering the new season updates, this time there is more added protection to card rewards, platinum and crown tiers. Once reached to ace tier the players can earn one star for every 100 points. Also, the icon color changes with the increase in the number of stars.

The icon will be copper for 1-5 stars, silver for 6-10 stars & gold for 11 stars or more


Arcade Mode Availability Change

Now the quick match will be available all times and mini-zone will be taken down temporarily. the sniper training will be available on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday whereas, the war mode will be available on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.


Clan Improvements

This time, clan member status has been added which reviews their outstanding results, highest tier reached, PR purchases, achievements, participation in events and issued clan perks.  Also, this time there's increased capacity for clans that are on level 6 or higher.