PUBG 5 | Additions In The New Update

PUBG has recently confirmed its new update called as 0.10.5. Gamers know that this has been the most sought-after upgrade in the PUBG land. It is expected that this is going to be the most exciting update for PUBG installed phones.

This upcoming update will also have Vikendi snow map installed in it. The fresh version will also have zombie mode giving players the leeway to killing in masses. You must have noticed the hints in the form of black blood on walls and corpses around the seashores.

Isn’t that interesting to have deadly interaction with zombies? The next big change is the night mode added to the Vikendi map that will allow players to do the tracking with the help of footprints. 

Major updated features will be:

  • Vikendi Weather- It is available while creating custom rooms. With dynamic weather update the gameplay battle is going to be exciting and intense battle field will experience change with sunny sky and rainy weather.
  • Royal Pass Season 5- It has the premium outfits and taunting emotes as rewards. Also, there will be several server-wide pass upgrade events.  
  • Ranked Mode Season 5- The ranked mode season 5 is here in which tiers have been adjusted and new rewards have been added.
  • Improved Settings- You can now enable or disable the Spawn Island announcements from the settings.
  • New Voices- Along with new additions, the ‘classic’ voice will be back in PUBG mobile.
  • MK-47 Mutant Rifle- The MK 47 will be now available in the game for use on all maps. It ca be found in in Erangel, Miramar and Sanhok and fires 7.62mm rounds and has two firing modes.

With slight patch improvements, the PUBG 5 is weighs roughly around 190MB and will be downloaded in game only.


Once when you get into the game, do lets us know your experiences in the comment section below.

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