Make Google Do It For You

These days the voice support in gadgets is advancing day by day and making things easier like never before. Just say it and the intelligent technology will perform all actions. While you all must be thinking, “Yeah it must be the Alexa or Cortana” …well, not exactly but it is something similar.

Let’s give you a hint, it’s an assistant service that can manage tasks of your phone. Sound’s cool isn’t it!

It is the Google Assistant always ready for your instructions. Whether you are an Android-powered or android based smartphone user, this function is available for all. And if you are someone who still doesn’t know how to use Google Assistant & its features, this segment is for you all. 


Keep Tasks Managed

For those who run busy usually, there is a probability of forgetting things. If this happens to you too, Google Assistant is just for you. From very basic things like calling, sending messages to setting reminders; it can also check emails for you, turn on battery saver, and even control smart fixtures and appliances connected with your Gmail account. So, even if appliances are left switched on, you can easily control them even after being out of the house.

Just go to Google Assistant > Give it required instructions > check if it’s been taken.

That’s it, now you have rescued yourself from being silly as a wheel.  


Prepare Plans 

Not everyone can be a perfect planner but with Google Assistant, you can do it easily. Be it making a reservation, searching locations for a vacation, booking your tickets, checking updates, and verifying their confirmation or searching routes, Google will do it all for you. For Eg:  If you have a dinner plan for your anniversary, ask Google to search nearby restaurants and call for a reservation.  

Open Google Assistant > say “What’s the confirmation number of my flight?” > Google will display the result. 


Enjoy Entertainment On The Go

Why should you do the manual work of searching across the web or applications when Google is there for you? When you are in the mood to play music or binge on movies, the assistant can search and bring the most likely options for you. With it, you can easily play podcasts, control music from applications like Google Play and YouTube Music.

All you need to do is, go to Google Assistant > Give required instructions to it (like, play Bollywood songs).

That’s it, the songs will start playing automatically.


Searching Made Easier 

Are you a bone loafer for whom searching is a tedious task? If yes, employ Google’s assistant to bring results. You can easily search for specific pictures, documents, and contacts that’s inside your phone. Like, give voice instruction or type in google assistant search box, “Show my sunset pictures”. And all related results will be displayed to you.  


Get Your Answers

When you need to rush and there is no time to search, ask your assistant to do it. Using your assistant, you can ask general knowledge questions, news, or even learn languages by asking simple questions.

All in all, Google Assistant is a feature that can make your things a lot easier so if you are not using it, start using it now. Drop your queries, suggestions, and feedback in the comment section below. 

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