Learn How Funtouch OS Is Fun, And A Lot More

Vivo has launched its Funtouch OS 9.0 based on the Android Pie, overlaid with lots of customisations and optimisations from its previous versions. The new interface comes with nearly 72 new features and 55 optimisations implemented under the hood to enhance the user’s UI experience. It can be said that the brand has now started to focus on its software as well giving so much more to explore.
So, let’s find out what all new additions have been implemented in their newly introduced operating software.

1. Icon Change- The prominently visible change done is that the icons have become more rounded. Their design has been formulated with slightly curved edges to give a pleasing view as they are easier on eyes and requires less cognitive effort for the visual process. Hence, making their recognition process easier. In nutshell, the curved edges of icons in Vivo FunTouch OS complement the phones with full display very well and makes it easy to use. Well, that’s an important change because lately, even Google has moved to the change. Instead of circles and stars for all logos now there is uniform and rounded corners for the same reason.


2. Unprecedented Wallpapers- The new addition has stock of unique wallpapers and redesigning for the interface of the app has been done. Now the wallpaper is no more restricted to one specific image. Adopting new unprecedented form, now soft shapes and their light effects are amalgamated with rich translucent layers that give it a touch of technology.
Also, the wallpaper recommendations for lock screen posters have been improved. The user can now also swipe left and browse other options from the available exquisite wallpapers.


3. Dark Colour Mode- Coping with the trend, dark mode is one of the latest features that Vivo FunTouch OS update provides. The dark colour theme has been added to enhance the viewing experience and make the visual effects more immersive. The newly developed UI has adapted the depth of dark colour to give brilliant pictures in dark mode.