Tips And Tricks To Increase The Life Span Of Your Mobile Phone

Now a days almost every other person uses a smartphone as they have become an integral part of our lives. But even these smart devices can fail after some time. If your smartphone has started showing up problems, though buying a new one is a good alternative but can be unfeasible to pockets. However, if you get into the situation frequently or your newly bought mobile is showing issues, then there are a few things you should know. Firstly, more than the phone’s processor problem its functioning also depends on the usage. Keep reading on to find out a few tricks and tips for your latest Vivo mobile which you might don’t know earlier. 

Protect the screen-

The very first and most commonly faced issue is operation related to the touch screen. Reason for these problems is cracked screen or too many scratches which result in the delayed response. The easiest way to prevent this situation is to use the screen guard and back cover for your phone. This way you can minimise up to 60% wear and tear caused to the phone. While, for repairs against any damages, it is highly recommendable to choose Vivo care Jaipur over local fixtures for the longevity of your smartphone.

Update the device’s system-

The system updates in your phone aren’t only limited to the latest versions but also for its optimization and smooth functioning. These software updates deal with bug fixes, enhanced security features and better performance of the processor. However, if your smartphone is not receiving these updates, visit the Vivo service centre in Jaipur for timely free software update and problem resolution.

Avoid downloading unnecessary application-

“It’s free”; though freebies are tempting but when it comes to downloading applications for your phone, avoid collecting them. Many free of cost available applications may have a virus which affects the performance of your phone. Even don’t fall prey for free antivirus apps. Lots of installed apps will consume more device memory and can slow down your phone. If there’s a similar problem, the Vivo customer care Jaipur support can help to clean the junk and corrupted files from your phone.

Use trusted sources-

For downloading and even surfing purposes, it is recommended to use the trusted website every time. Just how you would prefer to buy your new phone from an entrusted website like, for the long life of your mobile phone always check out information from trusted sources. This way you can prevent your data from being stolen or corrupting from the Trojans. 

Keep the battery cool-

Heating problem is yet another concern in almost every phone. Well, other than the manufacturing end issue, this also varies on our usage. Some of the easy ways to keep the battery cool are to avoid playing the game while phone being charged, close unnecessary applications running in the background, don’t keep the phone in sunlight.  Also, make sure to optimise the phone and reboot it regularly.

These are a few simple tips and tricks to make your phone function smoothly like always. However, if the problem persists even after these preventive measures, it’s better to ask the experts for resolution on Vivo customer care number in Rajasthan.

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