Google Voice Search | How It Has Evolved For Better?


Google voice search is far more convenient than we know. It has a lot more than how we search for queries. Google has changed how a search engine handles queries and all other information. 

Its voice search has even changed our attitude towards the search engine. 

Have you ever wondered, what makes the Google voice search so unique? The secret lies in the history of Google voice search.

What Is Google Voice Search?

Google Voice Search function allows users to search for anything with the help of voice commands instead of typing. Though it is compatible with mobile and desktop both, it is more preferred by mobile users.

Also, many times, users might have to use a wake phrase saying “OK, Google”. This also works through a hands-free voice command or tapping on the microphone icon in the search field. 

However, there is a difference when searches are performed through mobile or desktop. For example, users who search for a direction may get varying results from desktop and mobile device. It shows a different SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) than a normal desktop searching for the same information. 

But ignoring that part, from just a user perspective, it is just very much convenient to just say rather than type it.

How Did It Start?

Like most of the other Google services, Voice Search was officially made in Google Labs. It is the place where everything about Google is made with the help of extensive search and ideas. Many outcomes from these labs have become popular ventures around the world.

First introduced in the year 2009, during which the feature was much more complicated. Users had to make a call after which, they could speak their voice message.

With advancements in the machine learning today, Google voice search has reached a level, where it offers almost everything. Let’s take a look at how it all got better:

2009: Google Voice search was released where users had to call on IVRS (interactive voice response system) for searches. 

2010: Google gave its mobile application for iPhone and by November the official Google Voice iPhone application was available in the App Store for US residents. 

2014: Google integrated its voice search option into the Google Hangouts application, an instant messaging service which is a replacement of Google Talk. 

2017: Google made its first major update for Android, iOS and web users. 

2018: Google launched its Google voice for business customers in G-Suite 

2019: Google announced the availability of Google Voice for all. 

And now over countless modifications, we can ask it to find directions for us, opening hours of shops, parking availability and coupon availability.

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