Explore Your Passion: 5 Tips To Create A Vlog Using Smartphone

From the time when heavy cameras were essential to be a videographer or photographer today, it’s all wrapped in a palm fitting smartphone. All that high quality you get in a pocket fitting size. Well, not just the prize this also means budget. Well, for best professional work those big buck gadgets are the correct gear. But, as smartphones nowadays have high megapixels, resolutions for recording without running out of storage. So how about using these smartphones to make a big impression?

In this blog, we are going to talk about the tips with which you can make better video content or say a vlog with just using your smartphone.


Be Unique


Be it any medium, today there’s a sea of content and every view counts. In hours you can go viral or on the other hand unnoticed for months. The USP of being noticed is an appealing and unique content. This not just gets you views but real followers too.

Whether it's a funny video, a makeup tutorial, a recipe, or any whatever crossing your mind make sure to be authentic. Though it's an acceptable fact that every idea is an inspiration from someone else’s work but adding your personality or observation touch to it can also give uniqueness to it. Also, make your video script shot & stuck to the purpose only.