Android accessibility features: Activate these top recommendations & improve your smartphone experience

Just by reading the title, we are sure you would say, Android accessibility features are no new. Yes, this feature has always been in all android smartphone but it is beyond your mundane use. Do you know they are not here just to make a difference for user with disabilities? But these features are not limited or usable for this criteria only, as some of them can also improve your experience.

Here are the top recommendations we are listing down from minimal to most significant accessibility features you must turn on.

Voice Access:

You are in the middle of finishing your document but now there’s  one more from wihch you need to take references.  & want to read the menu as per your, so voice access will help you hear the audio to hear them read or described aloud. Though it varies for different OS, in vivo smartphones you can get settings like read in background (this feature will help you read the text in background without moving to other screens) & read text on images

Settings>Shortcut & Accessibility>Accessibility > Select to speak

Tap on the toggle to turn on


Face Gestures:

You are texting your friend & the person sitting next to you starts peeking in. How would you exit the conversation without apprehending them? By raising your eyebrows. Sounds unbelievable? Well, use your phone for it. Yes, the front camera of your smartphone scans the command & uses eyebrow expressions, by smiling, moving your head left/right or even open mouth. Worth activating no? Here’s how you can activate them:

Open Settings > System > Accessibility.

Select Switch access, and toggle on the Use switch access option.

You will see a prompt asking you to provide full feature control for your device, including viewing and controlling your screen and performing actions. Tap Allow.  

Live Captions:

You are sitting in office and find yourself stuck in urge of watching a video or listen to a podcast but can’t because you are not carrying your headphones. How will you take a peek of its part quickly without driving people around you batty? Aggravating, no! But the live captions got your back. They let you see live captions of anything being said in a video or an audio.

Truly a saviour no!

Settings to change live caption settings:

  • Open Settings > Shortcut & Accessibility > Accessibility > Caption Preferences
  • Turn on the toggle to keep it on.

Tip: You can also change the font & style of caption in the option below to change it as per your preferences.

But live captions are not supported by all apps.


Magnification Gestures allows users to zoom in and out of the screen by triple-tapping it. This feature is especially useful for users with visual impairments or low vision. To activate Magnification Gestures, go to “Settings” > “Accessibility” > “Magnification Gestures” and turn it on.

By enabling these top Android accessibility features, users can improve their smartphone experience and make the most out of their device. These features can help users with disabilities navigate their device more easily, read the screen more comfortably, and perform actions with greater ease.


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