5 Features we never thought we would need in our smartphones

New, sophisticated features are added to smartphones with each new iteration. Some change how we operate right instantly, while others simply disappear without making a fuss. There are also the features that lie somewhere in the middle, initially catching our attention because they seem beneficial but eventually go overlooked and neglected as time goes on. They're far too simple to ignore and forsake, especially when they're out of reach and invisible. As we anticipate the release of yet another exceptional phone, vivo V27, remember the following. If you're like most people, the moment you pull a new smartphone out of the box, you probably begin using it the same way you did with your previous model. Daily use of the phone teaches you about it. You will rapidly learn how to make calls and send texts. New app downloads will be a top focus. You can then decide to concentrate on studying some of the technical aspects of photography. Nonetheless, there are a lot of useful properties that you'll never utilize since you are unaware that they exist. You may customize your phone and increase the functionality of the gadget with the aid of these hidden features.


Aura Light to seize the moments

Going for a fun night out with friends or on a family dinner at an exotic location? Who won’t want to capture these memories? But, how to deal with the darkness. Moodspoiler? Not anymore. The vivo V27 comes with an aura light to seize such moments and make sure you don’t miss them. This feature is not only ideal for selfies but also helps you get better group pictures at night.

By using the diamond-cutting process to achieve nano-level soft light technology, you can now create studio-quality lighting like real light. Now, neither will you need flashlights to click the best pictures, nor your urge to get clicked decrease as the sun goes down.


Kinetic Wallpaper

An unhealthy lifestyle and loads of junk food have become a part of our daily lives. Who doesn’t take an ‘I will go to the gym daily now’ resolution and break it the next day, I guess we all do. Well, every small step counts and we mean it literally with the new ‘kinetic wallpaper’ feature in vivo V27. This all-new feature enables an individual to keep track of each step that they take. Once you reach the desired number of steps, the flower on your home screen begins to bloom. You can choose among 4K/6K/8K/10K steps options as per your convenience. You get to choose from 6 beautiful flowers and designs to keep yourself motivated throughout the day. Walk more and make the flower bloom!!!!!

How to show/set: Open settings>> Lock screen & wallpaper>> wallpaper. Select from Kinetic wallpaper Set the steps, and choose the wallpaper (The option to change daily is also available)


Wedding Style Portraits

Indian weddings are nothing less than a festival. They are packed with good food, fun, and photos. Imagine you spent days choosing the perfect lehenga and hours dressing up in front of the mirror but couldn’t get even one good picture. Heartbroken? Certainly, you will be. Moreover, the bright colors and loud lighting make it difficult for a normal smartphone camera to capture the best shots. But, not anymore. With the wedding-style portrait mode in the all-new vivo V27, you can now get some amazing clicks without worrying about the lightning or the tones. Moreover, you get 4 modes to explore for your perfect shot.


Privacy Protection

Protecting your privacy these days is no doubt the most crucial thing for any smartphone user. However, we share pictures with people from our phones quite comfortably without realizing that we are also sharing the image metadata while sharing the data. As it is rightly said, ‘privacy is the right of every individual’, one can now ensure they are not sharing what they don’t want to their with vivo V27’s new privacy protection feature. This feature ensures user privacy and is a must-have in today’s generation to avoid cyber crime complications.

How to show/set: Open album>> Share>> Privacy protection enabled/disabled.


The operating system of our smartphones has had these secret Android features added to it at various intervals over the past few years, and they are still there and still tremendously useful. Get your hands on the all-new vivo V27 to explore the plethora of never seen features.

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