3rd Elite VBA Champions Night 2019

15th, Dec 2019

“It’s no less than a dream for Vivo to be a leader of the smartphone industry. And receiving this immense love from the customers is possible because of the goodwill our VBAs (Vivo Brand Advisors) have created in the market place.

‘A dream does not become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work.’

And for Vivo Rajasthan, its VBAs are the champions and the jamboree night was all about their appraisal. Discover what more the night unfolded…


Announcement of Elite Club

Everyone requires a little push to stretch beyond the comfort zone and appreciation is the right form of it. This time that motivation was in the form of 'VBA Elite Club'. It had three sub-divisions viz. Royal, Sapphire & Diamond.

This categorization of VBAs will be based on the VSS criteria and their performance to achieve monthly sales target. The clubbing of these VBAs renders them rewards & services like uniform allowance, grooming allowance, mobile allowance, fuel allowance & incentive earnings. Enforcing best professional culture to our VBAs, they were acquainted with the opportunity to receive privileges like factory visit, special training camp, business cards, product launch & festival special activity invitations with the grand tour, domestic & even international trips accordingly.

VBA Energy Up Scaled- Rewards 

Apart from all the energy & zest smoked in the event, the main part was Diwali booster rewards. Before the festival of Diwali, VBAs were given targets and the rewarding was the moment to throw light upon champions of the trade. Based on different point slabs the Diwali booster winners were:


Activities That Made Whale Of Time

The spectacular evening began with an engaging drum activity that caught unawares with its beats and sync. Everyone among the audience was given a drum and they had to follow the call of the drum instructor. Learning to coordinate quickly & perfect syncing was the motive of the event & it was achieved to perfection as the beat dropped. In its succession, heading to a formal and auspicious start of the spectacular event, the Ganesh Vandana made the evening ecstatic. The additional performances between the sets managed to break the monotony. Synonymous to its name, the performances by ‘Oorja’ group made the entire evening euphoric. Also, the dance performances by our VBAs made it evident that they are truly all-rounder & worthy to be called as champions.


Moment of Nostalgia

Reaching the top isn’t a one-day thing and requires a lot of patience. We were glad to bring aboard VBAs who were ready to show their dedication for the company along with their career. A few of them shared their journey & experience about how Vivo helped them to find the right career for their skill set and accelerated their life.


Moment Of Luck Out

The entire celebration was about rewarding the VBAs but the night also unfolded many surprises. One of them was a lucky draw for three random names coming out of the box. The lucky names collected surprises like International Trip as first prize, a Honda Activa scooter as second prize and Royal Enfield motorbike as a mega prize. It was ____ who won first prize, ___ won second prize and ____ won the third prize and got lucky in the event.


At the End

Be it a bad or good moment, everything has its timeline and so, even our celebration touched its end. However, with the group pictures, everyone managed to capture the smiles & laughter for eternity. Followed by fine dinner & good food to savour every taste bud; it was yet another perfect event we spent with our VBA team members.

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