Google Meet: 7 Reasons Why It Is Better Than Any Other Video Chat Apps

Lately, following quarantine and lockdown, most of us extended our adaptations to work from home and virtual meetings concerning health safety & wellbeing. Be it connecting with friends, conducting online classes, or hosting staff meetings; video chatting apps are in more use than ever. Though there are plenty of options around, each one of them has certain limitations. Among many, ‘Zoom’ has been in vogue for enterprise & non-enterprise users fulfilling the purpose. Available for free, these apps run by granting many permissions and thus are a threat to your privacy.

But now, even this platform was caught into controversy for privacy issues; it is problematic to decide which service to use and not. In answer to this & all other dilemmas, this article about Google’s Meet will help you learn how it is better. Read further to know its details. 


Google Meet is a video conferencing app that was originally engineered for business oriented version Google’s Hangout. This enables the users to make high definition video calls for up to 250 users at a time. However, this number totally depends upon the G-suite account of the host. This service was formerly known as ‘Hangouts Meet’.

This service is freely available for everyone’s use including businesses. However, to access it one requires a personal Gmail account or free G Suite Essentials account. The free subscription lends you high definition video conferencing limited for 60mins of duration.

The video conference in Meet provides a specific ID for meeting to the user which can be used over and over again. The host can also create additional rooms to conduct multiple meetings at the same time. With this feature, the user can use in-depth collaboration on important topics for team building exercises.


Tiled Layout: Google Meet has an expanded tiled layout which let’s meeting creators set up to 16 participants simultaneously for larger meetings, better presentation layouts, 

Mute or Remove Participants: This features grants accessibility to meeting hosts to mute or remove participants from the ongoing call.

Text to Speech Technology: The participants can easily take follow up meetings with Google’s text to speech technology.

Upgraded Safety: The video meetings on this platform are encrypted with anti-abusive measures that help you conduct meeting safely.

Screen Share: With this feature, users can present their slides, documents, and much more information by sharing their entire screen, a window or even only the Chrome tab with high-quality video and audio content.

Low- Light Mode: The Google Meet’s AI automatically adjusts the video’s brightness & makes the user more visible to other participants according to the lighting conditions. However, currently, this feature is available to mobile users only and web users might be able to use it in new updates.

Noise cancellation: This exclusive feature of Google Meet filters the background distractions and interruptions like the noise of vehicles, dog barking, etc thus making the audio more clear. Well, for now, this feature is available only to the G Suite Enterprise and G Suite Enterprise for Education users while mobile & web users will be able to access it in upcoming updates.


In order to keep the meetings safe & combat online abuse, the Google Meet employs following anti-hijacking measures for its web meetings as well as dial-ins:

  • Meeting participants can’t rejoin nicknamed meetings once the final participant has left. This means if the meeting host is the last person to leave the nicknamed meeting, participants can’t join the same room without a host being present.


  • Only meeting creators can approve the joining of external participants. This also ensures safety against participants adding external people in the meeting.


  • Only the meeting host is allowed to remove or mute other participants. This means that participants can’t remove or mute the host from the meeting.


  • The platform has 2-step verification options which include hardware & phone based security keys for advanced protection.


We hope that our write up has helped you to understand how Google is constantly providing improved services with more features & unharmed privacy concerns. Share your feedback regarding the same in the comment section below and tap on the like button.  

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